Coon Creek Community Watershed Council Inc.

Anniversary Celebration

The annual Anniversary Celebration of the Coon Creek Watershed Project highlights and showcases the Coon Creek Watershed as the Nation’s first large-scale conservation demonstration. The September event invites guests for a special night at a local event location and celebrates the Coon Creek Watershed’s history and present day accomplishments with food, drinks, entertainment, and community. Local and regional conservation organizations and public figures will also be in attendance.


How will people return to their cars?
The tour will stop back at Veterans Park before heading to Norskedalen for tour participants to pick up their cars. Then they will drive to Norskedalen and proceed to the Pumpkin Patch after that.

Do I need a ticket for the Watershed Bus Tour?
Yes, a purchase of a celebration ticket is required for the bus tour along with the selection of a free bus ticket.  If you attend the bus tour and stay for the celebration, you need a ticket for both.  However, with your tickets, you may attend either one, or both.  

What will parking be like at the Pumpkin Patch?
There are 6 acres for parking (4 football fields) at the end of the patch for parking. There will be shuttles available for those who have trouble walking. Flat shoes (no heels) are highly recommended!

What’s on the menu?
There will be brisket, potatoes, salads, fruits, charcuterie boards with local meats, cheeses, breads, and desserts.

2022 Anniversary Celebration

The CCCWC celebrated its first anniversary and the 89th anniversary Coon Creek Watershed Project in September of 2022 with music, food, and demonstrations in the Coon Valley Veterans Memorial Park. The event was a huge success and fun for everyone. Join us in 2023! Grab tickets!

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