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Nine Key Element Plan

In collaboration with Valley Stewardship Network and various stakeholders, the CCCWC is developing a Nine Key Element Plan for the Coon Creek Watershed through an initial Surface Water Grant from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This is a community-driven process. The purpose of this project is to begin the planning process for the Coon Creek Watershed that will address the nine elements required of watershed plans by the EPA and provide a researched and sound foundation for strategic planning and implementation of plans to achieve our goal of flood mitigation.

The Six Steps of creating a Nine Key Element Plan are:

  1. Gather Stakeholders
  2. Assess the Watershed
  3. Develop a Comprehensive Watershed Plan
  4. Implement the Plan
  5. Monitor Results
  6. Modify Plan as Necessary

The first two steps are in progress.  In Step 1, we are identifying key stakeholders, identifying issues of concern, setting preliminary goals, developing indicators, and conducting public outreach.  In Step 2, we are gathering existing data, creating a watershed inventory, identifying data gaps, collecting any additional data, analyzing data, identifying causes and sources of impairments and estimating pollutant loads.  The other steps will follow.  See the links below for more information on watershed planning.

Nine Key Element Plan
May 2024
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