Coon Creek Community Watershed Council Inc.

Hill Country Watershed Alliance

The Hill County Watershed Alliance is an informal conservation organization designed to collaborate and share resources with one another. It takes its name from Historical Agriculture and Soil Erosion in the Upper Mississippi Hill Country, by Stanley W. Trimble who completed this study and in part dedicated the book “to the people of the Hill Country, who persevered in the adversity of a grim period, helped solve the problem, and continued to improve their countryside.” (Trimble, 2017). Four local watershed councils participate in this alliance: Bad Axe Watershed Stewards, Coon Creek Community Watershed Council, Rush Creek Watershed Conservation Council, and Tainter Creek Farmer-Led Watershed Council. The Alliance meets quarterly to enhance relationships, share council activities, engage in strategic planning, and collaborate to create joint events.

Citation: Trimble, S.W. (2017). Historical agriculture and soil erosion in the upper Mississippi valley hill country. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

May 2024
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