Coon Creek Watershed Council Announces Valley Conservation Day May 4th, 2024

Coon Creek Watershed Council Announces Partnership with Coon Valley Dairy Supply Company and the Town of Coon for Valley Conservation Day on May 4th

Town of Coon, WI: – Coon Creek Watershed Council (CCCWC) is thrilled to collaborate with Coon Valley Dairy Supply Company and the Town of Coon to present Valley Conservation Day on May 4th, 2024.

Valley Conservation Day will be held at Coon Valley Dairy Supply Co, located at S688A WI-162, Coon Valley, WI. This event will include live music from Mollie B, local food, craft beer, a vibrant market featuring local artisans, and family-friendly conservation activities.

Admission to the 2024 Valley Conservation Day Fest Ground is free, and includes access to the makers market, food and beverage vendors, conservation activities, and more.

Admission to Mollie B and Friends is $20 for adults, and free for students and children 10 and under.

Purchase your tickets here.

Conservation Cost-Share Programs Available this Spring: Opportunities for Coon Creek Watershed Council (CCCWC) Members

This spring, CCCWC is excited to offer various conservation cost-share programs. Members interested in initiatives such as planting cover crops, trees, or hedge rows will find a range of opportunities and options available. These practices contribute to soil health, enhance water infiltration, and mitigate erosion and flooding. Connect with CCCWC to explore how they may sponsor your conservation efforts. Funding is limited, so early engagement is encouraged.

Board Member Openings: Shape the Future of Conservation in Our Watershed

This spring, CCCWC will have three openings on its board. Serving on the CCCWC board provides an exciting opportunity to influence the organization’s future direction and the course of conservation in our watershed. We are committed to community inclusion and welcome applications from any council member (membership is free and open to the public) with a vested interest in the watershed. The role involves participation in monthly board meetings and general council meetings.

Public Comments on Decommissioning of Coon Creek Watershed Dams due February 20th

CCCWC urges residents to share their experiences with conservation, flooding, and the watershed’s dams during the public comment period for the federal recommendation to decommission the Coon Creek Watershed’s 14 flood control dams. This recommendation comes after three dams failed during the 2018 flooding, and a federal study identified structural flaws in the remaining structures. The Natural Resource Conservation Service’s Plan Environmental Impact Statement indicates that dam decommissioning is the most cost-effective approach.

CCCWC emphasizes the importance of upland conservation in this process and encourages community input to shape the decommissioning plan. Residents are invited to share their views and questions with the NRCS by February 20th, influencing the plan’s implementation over the next 5-10 years.

About the Coon Creek Community Watershed Council Inc.

Our mission is to continue the historic legacy of conservation leadership through improving and restoring our soil, water, and air as stewards of the Creek Watershed. We focus on strategies and practices that individuals can implement.  Together, we are learning to make running water walk.

Membership is free and open to anyone with a vested interest in the Coon Creek Watershed. Membership offers a voice in protecting and shaping the future of this historic and beautiful watershed.

Media Contacts

Sydney Widell
Watershed Coordinator
The Coon Creek Community Watershed Council
E5214 Traastad Lane Coon Valley, WI 54623

Nancy Wedwick
The Coon Creek Community Watershed Council
E5214 Traastad Lane Coon Valley, WI 54623

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